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Here at The Gathering Place we offer a wide variety of activities to keep our members active and having fun! Below is a list of some of the activities our members participate in.

CARDS: We have plenty of tables for you and your friends to be able to sit down and enjoy your hand at card games. We also provide the playing cards!

BILLIARDS: We have 5 regulation size pool tables available for use by our members. The tables are well maintained and there is plenty of room for all tables to be used at the same time. We do provide a few pool sticks for your use but you are welcomed to bring your own.

BINGO: What kind of senior center would we be if we didn’t offer Bingo? We play Bingo 4 days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Winners receive nice prizes that are donated from members of our community. We also collect monetary donations to put towards the purchase of prizes. We have a bingo machine and rely on staff, volunteers, and members to call out numbers. On occasion, we host an evening bingo that includes a meal. The meal for this event is at an additional cost to the attendees but the prizes for the Bingo are amazing!

COMPUTERS GAMES: For those who enjoy a good game of solitaire by themselves, we also have computers that have card games installed on them. These computers also have internet connection available for members to use.

PUZZLES: For all of you puzzle lovers, we have a large variety of puzzles available. All of our puzzles are donated and the selection continuously changes.

POTLUCKS: Every so often, we host potluck dinners for all of our members. We do this in celebration of holidays and other events.

HOLIDAYS: Our favorite thing to do is celebrate holidays with our Gathering Place family! We host different events to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Veteran’s Day, etc. Activities for these events vary but are always a ton of fun.

LUNCH: We serve a nutritious lunch every day. We have a full kitchen and dining area that allows us to serve a large amount of people.